When do you stream live?
In a typical week live services are broadcast at 8 am and 11 am on Sundays, and at 7 pm Tuesdays, Eastern Time.
Can I view the service after it has ended?
Yes, live service streams are archived and typically posted later that same day and are available for one week.
Which platforms do you support?
We support Windows, Mac, and Linux on the Desktop. We support mobile and tablet devices running iOS (Iphone, Ipad) and Android.
Which web browsers do you support?
We support all major browsers -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Generally speaking any version of these browsers released in the last two years are supported. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure it is version 10 or 11.
The live stream is not playing at all. What could be the issue?
Here are some of the likely reason for this issue:
  1. Browser settings -- Please ensure that you have javascript and cookies enabled and that you have no security settings that could be preventing you from loading the stream.
  2. Adobe Flash Player -- Please ensure you have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you do have Adobe Flash Player installed, you may want to re-install Adobe Flash Player on your computer. This often corrects any problems there may be with Adobe Flash Player.
    Download Adobe Flash Player
  3. 3. Firewall -- Please esnure you do not have a firewall that is blocking port 1935. This is usually only an issue within a corporate network, and you should ask your IT department for assistance.
The video loads but the video is stuttering or choppy, what could be the problem?
Here are some of the likely reason for this issue:
  1. In order to view streaming video you will need a broadband connection. Ensure that your connection speed is sufficient by visiting http://www.speedtest.net - You should have at least 700Kbps downstream for reliable playback of medium quality video. Changing the quality on the player to low may improve this if you are on a weak internet connection.
  2. If you are on a wireless connection try switching to a wired connection, or move closer to the wireless router for a stronger signal.
  3. If you are running other bandwidth intensive programs you may want to quit out of these as they could be taking away from your available bandwidth.
  4. If you are on a shared internet connection others may be using bandwidth intensive programs that are reducing your available downstream bandwidth.
  5. If you experience video stalling problems only during full-screen mode, try lowering your desktop resolution.
  6. Your computer's hardware may be outdated or heavily used. Video streaming is a very resource-intensive application; try closing all open applications that you do not need to use at the same time as trying to view the stream.
Do you offer any other alternatives to live service streaming?
If you are having trouble viewing a live stream or the video is choppy due to connection issues, you can download the service after it has been archived, which usually happens late the same day. Click on the video thumbnail you wish to view, and click the "Download Video" button on the right side. You can then open the downloaded MP4 file with your system's media player. It may take awhile to fully download, but once it has you should be able to view it without the quality issues that may have been encountered watching it live.
If you have other questions or comments, please email ljones@bwcar.org for assistance.
Bible Way Live Streaming FAQs